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We are a creative content agency based in Lancaster Pennsylvania.

Who Are We?

Prop Media is a creative content agency based in Lancaster PA. Our mission is to produce great media through various mediums for passionate small businesses and organizations.


We believe it is important to approach any project with an open mind. We start by simply talking out what you have in mind. It’s important for us to catch your vision for the project. Once we get all of our ideas on the table we’ll refine them into a key message. We place great emphasis on planning and detailing our projects so that we can execute smoothly and efficiently. It also ensures that we are sticking to your vision and will produce something that clearly delivers your key message. Through experience we’ve learned that focusing on the planning process makes the project stay on track much better.


Everyone has a story to tell. As a small marketing company, we are passionate about telling those stories in a compelling way. We offer a number of services to help your business stand out in a unique way!

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